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Bug in speed DISPLAY


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I don't have a big problem, but... "strange", and a bit frustrating.

First it's NOT a speed problem as "My DL is too slow, how speed it up ? "

Actually, I've got enough speed, but the "speed column" is displayed really wrong .

It starts ok, the speed displayed seems legit, and after a while,it seems to drop : few ko/s !?

Right now it's : 5. 7 and 4, for 3 running torrents.

But the truth is the real speed is between 700ko/S and 1.1M/s another tools tells me that, and it's obvious when I see how much it took time, 20min instead of the day and x hours announced.

Am I the only one with a wrong speed display ?

If so, the problem should be elsewhere than uT...

thanks for reading, I apologize for my baaad english.

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