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Uploads not counting/Ratio not updating


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Hi boys and girls,

Sorry - I looked for an existing post for this, but if there is one, please accept my apologies but I couldn't find it.

No matter how much a torrent seeds, the upload count and the ratio are not updating - and so it obviously doesn't stop because it never reaches its seeding target.

I'm a pretty long term user, but I've just installed uTorrent on a different PC (running 32 bit XP) and it's not working like my previous installs.

The "Put new downloads in:" value is a folder on a local drive, and the "Move completed downloads to:" is on a network drive, but the downloaded files are never moved.

On my other installs (sorry, I didn't notice which version it started), the completed downloads now aren't moved until they've upload - not when "queued seed" or "finished", unless they uploaded while still downloading. As the uploades on this install aren't counting, it explains why the downloaded file are never moved.

Cheers, CJ

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