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DownSort: Automatic Download Extraction


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DownSort :: Automatically Extract Your Downloads

DownSort will extract the rar files contained within the folder that has been downloaded. Once the files have been extracted the rar files will be deleted. You can prevent rar files from being deleted after extraction by specifying which directories to skip using torrent labels.


- .NET 4 Client Profile

- uTorrent

- Patience (incase of bugs/crashes)

- unrar.dll in the same folder as DownSort.exe


uTorrent will need to be configured to start the application once download has finished. To configure follow these steps:

- Options

- Preferences

- Advanced

- Run Program

In the "Run this program when a torrent finishes" box browse to DownSort.exe and add %D after it. Add %L if you would like to use the Label exclusion feature. So the commands will look like this:

Extract and delete all downloads:

<path to>\DownSort.exe %D

Extract but don't delete downloads with the passed label:

<path to>\DownSort.exe %D %L

In order to tell the application which extensions to keep and which labels to exclude, double click DownSort.exe and fill in the appropriate textfields.

Once extraction is complete review the extraction.log that gets created in the torrent download directory to see if there were any errors. Since this application was created with no user interaction in mind, there are no progress alerts. The log will need to be reviewed inorder to see if the extraction completed successfully.

If you would like the application to organize the downloaded TV Show episodes into a folder, tick the organise check box and browse to the root of your TV Show folder.

Please report any bugs you may find, will try and get it fixed as soon as I can.

Hopefully this utility helps someone :)



-- [Fix] Improved rar file detection, partxx files should detect properly now

-- [Fix] Fixed Issues with spaces in folder names


-- Initial Release

Download: DownSort

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Thanks for that program. Works extremely well. Only limitation I have found so far is it cannot extract files that are in a folder that has spaces in it. eg.

C:\Downloads\TV Shows\Family Guy

the easy workaround for that is to put a . or an underscore in the folder name


Also, in case some people are having issues with files not deleting because they are in use by uTorrent, you can make the files automatically show as finished by going to


Minimum Ratio %=0.1

Check the box that says "limit the upload rate to (kB/s)[0=stop]" and also enter in 0 in the field.

Also, I found that in order for the program to launch, I had to open downsort.exe and click save. Don't know whether that's just me or if that's universal.

Other than that, the program works great and I just want to thank you for making my life a lot easier (First world problems i know)

Thanks Again :D

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I've been looking for something like this, thank you.

Is it possible to have it extract the files to another directory? For example say the file downloaded to folder "A" but I want the extracted file placed in folder "B". Is there anyway to specify the extraction location?

Also, you should turn this into an app!

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Thanks for the comments! Feedback is much appreciated. I have updated the application to handle the file in use issue a little better. Currently it seems to get stuck in an infinite loop if the file is in use and cannot be deleted. I will also be updating the application to handle spaces in the file name a lot better aswell.

The exe should have created the settings files on launch, its weird that it didn't do that for you.


I could make a separate text box in the settings window to input a different extraction location. I suppose the issue I see is would you want it to create a folder of the torrent name in the destination aswell, or just copy the files it extracts to the destination?

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Didn't work for me, unsure why - didn't make a log file.

Opened the app and clicked save too, no dice.

You may need to add the path in utorrent to downsort in quotes.. "path\to\downsort.exe" give that a shot and let me know if it still doesnt work.

@Eletherin Not too sure about having too programs run after download completes, have not tested it... maybe someone else knows.

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I have updated the application to include extraction to a different location, organizing of TV Shows and and option to delete the sample directory.

Download the new zip file, replace the current exe if you have the older version(might want to rename the old exe, incase the updated version does not work for you)

Check the extensions to exclude if you have added custom extensions.

Let me know if there are any issues with the app.

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First, I want to say thanks to Nav for making this wonderful little program!

I forgot to tack on the label exclusion for a few files :lol: A minor annoyance and no fault of the program for the user being a fool.

One thing that would be amazingly useful but most likely out of the scope of the initial design of the program would be time based deletion. One of those features that could be cool but would be far more effort than it's worth realistically. Not like it really takes me all that long to log into my vnc and clean out the old, unused torrents every few weeks.

Thanks again Nav!

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Thanks for the feedback WanderingWeasel. I am planning on including an option to delete the downloaded directory once a TV show has been organized. I could include the feature you requested with that.

What I need to know is, by deleting unused torrents, do you mean the .torrent files or do you mean the torrents that have stopped seeding?

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Thank you Nav for this wonderful app!

So far, I have two concerns.

1.) I downloaded a tv show using utorrent, with the run command for downsort in place. I noticed that after it finished the torrent, there was a log file, but no unrared files. The rars were also still there.

Here is what the log file said:

4/14/2012 10:33:56 PM -------:: Starting to process C:\utorrent\pretty.pony

4/14/2012 10:33:56 PM Extracting C:\utorrent\pretty.pony.part11.rar...

4/14/2012 10:33:56 PM File CRC Error

4/14/2012 10:33:56 PM Error Encountered: The path is not of a legal form.

(I changed the torrent name and that was the best I could do, sorry lol)

I should note that I manually extracted the show out of the rar files just to make sure the CRC checked out, and everything went smoothly (the files are good).

2.) I had attempted this same operation a second time, this time I was downloading the same torrent to my NAS drive. I don't think it liked that for some reason. Nothing happened and no log was generated.

I don't think it is a permission issue as I have admin on everything.

Please help if you can :)


Edit: Ok, I figured out the NAS issue, it was because there were spaces in the folder names (DOH!).

I'm still stumped about the CRC error though if you wouldn't mind looking at that for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Hi sandman2869,

I think what is happening is there is more than one rar file. Because of that it cannot join the different rar files together in the sequence and fails. I am trying to work on a way around this issue, however have not been successful so far.

My apologies it does not work for you as desired. I will try and resolve this issue when I can.

As for the NAS issue, I am not sure why it would not generate the log file, it should create the log file in the destination folder no matter the location. I don't think it is a permission issue either - perhaps try another torrent to the NAS drive?

I have come across certain torrents that do not play nice with the app, perhaps this is one such torrent.

EDIT: Hmm, the spaces in folder names issue should be resolved... I will take another look and see why that is still causing an issue.

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Nav, as to your question, I was talking about how on most of the trackers I use after a week or so, no one is downloading the file so it'd be awesome to remove the torrent from utorrent and delete all the rar's. I browsed around for something like that (built into utorrent) but always got the answer it was counter productive as many people would just set it to remove everything as soon as it finished.

I'd forgotten about public trackers when I initially looked into doing this and understand why it isn't a readily available feature (on utorrent at least). I'd completely understand if you don't want to put something like that in. Private trackers on the other hand, there's no quicker way to a ban hammer than a bunch of hit and runs.

Now that I've had this little beauty running for a bit, I have to say I couldn't be happier.

On the bug front, I did run into a slight problem with my naming scheme in that it didn't like any "." in the labels. For instance, if I were to do something like TV.Comedy it would unceremoniously delete the file while labeling it TVComedy it would work flawlessly. I'll check out the new version and see if it still does it.

Thanks Again!

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Hi WanderingWeasel,

I might not be able to implement that feature, I will have a look at the utorrent API and see what it allows. I could probably do something like once torrent has been seeding for x number of days then remove it. But again its not likely to be included.

As for the Labeling issues, I will have a look and see why its removing the . in label names.

On a sidenote: I have setup a site for the app at: downsort.com I will try and update that whenever I release new builds.

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Hi shaden79,

When the torrent is added from your private tracker just add the site/tracker name as the label. The open up downsort and add those labels in the exclude section, click save and exit. That should exclude those labels from deletion.

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what u made is quite nice, hope you stick to it and add even more functionality, as it's quite useful and there's a lot of stuff you could incorporate in it.

I could help you make an html page that would be generated from your logs and present your latest completed files if you want.

cant help you on what you program, but with the right extracted files i think we can make a nice and useful thingy.

gimme a mail/msg if u want ;)

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