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List recreated with every startup


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I recently upgraded my utorrent form 2.2 to latest version, now i have 2 problems and they are unrelated

First problem is that every time i start utorrent, it deletes the whole list and re-add them i have about 1k torrents files, and about 60 files that I'm seeding, the rest are in completed state, and after doing that the files that i moved or deleted says "invalid download state: please recheck" i dont know why it recheck them on each startup

2nd problem, is with rss downloader, it does match the files and add them, but the state is : stopped and doesn't start the download until i select them and start them manually. never happened to me before when using 2.2

any idea how to fix these 2 problems?

Thank you.

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What exactly is the problem?

3.1.2 does lazy loading of the torrent list so it can show the UI instantly. This means that if you have a lot of torrents, it can take a while to load the whole list.

If the torrents are in invalid download state, it probably means they're pointed towards files that no longer exist at that location. Put the files back, or change the location with Set Download Location.

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