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Can't choose specific files anymore


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TPB as of today 2/28 is ALL magnets period... so unless you want to use one of the others that are still in .torrent mode... do this...

1....(dialog download box will no longer work for skipping files .... just select start then close it)

2....After torrent is queued and started THEN click files tab and deselect files (right click) that you don't want ... After that everything including speed is the same.


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Where is the files tab?

This is your normal download dialog box (notice no files in window.. due to magnet link) ... just tick start>ok... and allow torrent to start.


Once torrent has started... click "files tab" and highlight your target torrent... the individual files will appear auto-magically shortly. ( you need to pause or stop torrent before before skipping files here )

On the "file" tab (looks slightly different on ver.3.1... this shot is 2.2...) Right click all but target/targets files and it's self explanatory from there.


Your bill is in the mail :D

Good luck,


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