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Why I switched back to 2.2.1


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Been using the software for years, and it has always been improving with each new release.

Until 3.0, that is.

I understand the desire to make the software "friendly" for new users, but you were doing well enough before. The UI changes made with version 3 seemed focused upon removing anything informative and replacing useful information with dumbed-down tripe.

I don't need to know the "health" of a torrent. That's ridiculous. Let the torrent sites worry about that.

I need to know how many seeds and peers there are; how fast I'm downloading; how much longer I have to wait; how much I've uploaded, and my ratio.

In short, changing my layout wasn't expected, warranted, or welcomed.

I understand I can edit the displayed columns, but I shouldn't have to.

If this had been the only thing you changed, I would have edited the UI to return it to a more useful state. But I realized that torrents were shutting off almost as fast as they'd start. There was no longer any stability in my transfers. I was better off with the previous version.

Anyway, changing the UI the way you did was rude and inconsiderate. Please don't do that again.

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