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External disc drive problem in my netbook with utorrent!


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I just want to say that the problem starts in the latest releases of version 2 and still continues... when i open the utorrent and downloading any torrent my netbook stucks badly! I think its a problem with any external drive because in that drive i choose to store my downloads and i have tried many external drives, so after i choose to uninstall the utorrent and i tried the brother... bittorrent and the problem solved! But i am registered in a private tracker that the bittorrent client is banned and my most downloads its from that site because its the best in my region! So without too many words my problem is...

1. when dowloading in external drive my netbook freezes!

2. when is just seeding from any drive, the sound in my netbook flicking...

My first impression it was that the problem is the port but its not that! Bittorrent client is working fine with the same port! So any suggestion? Or its some bug that you will look and tell me or better fix it? Or is just me and my netbook?

Thanks anyway!:)

edit: My netbook is hp compaq with windows 7 32bit.

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