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µTorrent 3.1.3 stable (27327)


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This release changes several default options to match older releases more and be less confusing to returning users.

It also adds a few more fixes.

Download the new version now!

Release highlights:

  • Change: default UI is now the columns/advanced view (like 2.x)
  • Change: re-add several columns by default
  • Fix: anti-virus issue

For a list of feature changes and how to customize things they way you like, http://download.utorrent.com/help/Whats_New.pdf


-- 2012-06-01: Version 3.1.3 stable (build 27327)

- Fix: startup crash when settings.dat was corrupt

- Fix: Improperly formatted torrent vote messages

- Fix: Bad outgoing request_peer DHT message when filename length over 100

- Fix: possible deadlock when reporting a hang

-- 2012-05-14: Version 3.1.3 stable (build 27220)

- Fix: free content offer in installer didn't actually add

-- 2012-05-11: Version 3.1.3 stable (build 27213)

- Fix: UAC prompt would show up for limited users on every run

-- 2012-05-10: Version 3.1.3 stable (build 27207)

- Fix: starting up with Windows had been forcibly disabled for users of 3 previous builds

-- 2012-05-04: Version 3.1.3 stable (build 27167)

- Change: minor installer tweak

-- 2012-04-26: Version 3.1.3 stable (build 27120)

- Fix: minor crash fix

-- 2012-04-23: Version 3.1.3 stable (build 27099)

- Fix: Some missing changes for fixing the window subclassing crash

-- 2012-04-21: Version 3.1.3 stable (build 27096)

- Fix: Fix crash in window subclassing in add torrent dialog

-- 2012-04-20: Version 3.1.3 stable (build 27095)

- Fix: Fix for crash when switching away from the built-in media player

-- 2012-04-19: Version 3.1.3 stable (build 27092)

- Fix: Fix for crash during install

-- 2012-04-18: Version 3.1.3 stable (build 27081)

- Change: turn off btapp autoupdates to work around a crash

-- 2012-04-12: Version 3.1.3 stable (build 27060)

- Fix: settings.dat could grow very large

-- 2012-04-02: Version 3.1.3 stable (build 26994)

- Fix: Hold the lock when doing media state callbacks.

- Fix: Disable "Can't connect to Remote" messages.

- Fix: improve error messages around transcoding

- Fix: Tab order in dialogs

-- 2012-03-09: Version 3.1.3 stable (build 26837)

- Fix: Stop anti-virus updating when there is a error

- Change: show info tab by default (instead of files tab)

- Change: show seeds/peers, completed on and added on columns by default

- Fix: fixed bug where locally created torrents would fail to transcode

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For those with disk overload issues' date=' open the advanced preferences, and set diskio.use_partfile to false.


On Win2k3 it doesn't really help.

Keep in mind, it only helps for -new- torrents. You'd have to remove and re-add existing torrents.

I do keep it in mind. It doesn't help!

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Version 3.1.2 stable (build 26821)

- Fix: Check existing files before start downloading the torrent added via magnet link

It is now the next version and still do not see the contents of magnet links... :/

(The content is not visible until the download is in progress)

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Sometimes torrent's label can't be removed by pressing Enter on this label (marked) in labels' list: the mark is gone but label still exists. Example: http://ifolder.ru/27381237

I believe I found the reason of this issue. It happens when there is the ampersand ('&') inside the label. So I hope you guys will fix it quickly. Now we have only 2 ways to get around this issue - to use either BEncode Editor or v2.

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Sometimes torrent's label can't be removed

Not sure if you meant this, but for me - there are two issues with labels:

1. I did not find a way to completely remove a label from the list

2. I could not add a label using the RSS downloader "add-new-favorite" dialog, and just writing a new label in there. It used to add it to the labels-list, and now, it is only visible in the RSS dialog :(

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I get the following on each program start (note I added the [%AppData%] myself to shorten the lines):

[2012-03-10 10:27:41] File not found during integrity check: [%AppData%]\uTorrent\resume.dat

[2012-03-10 10:27:41] File not found during integrity check: [%AppData%]\uTorrent\resume.dat.new

[2012-03-10 10:27:41] File not found during integrity check: [%AppData%]\uTorrent\resume.dat.old

This happens even though resume.enable_resume_dir = *true, and more importantly resume.dir_only = *true.

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I did not find a way to completely remove a label from the list

A label is gone from the list if no torrents have it checked' date=' isn't it?[/quote']

Hmmm, I guess so... :/ (except for what you've just noted...) Not sure if this is how I would prefer it to be. For me it better to have it stay on the list unless you intentionally delete it.

Anyways, that leaves problem # 2... :)

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Well 3.1.3 screwed me royally. Most of my uploads read - "An operation on a socket could not be performed because the system lacked sufficient buffer space or because a ..." and I lost several downloads (~50gb) because of "Error: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable."

Additionally, ONCE AGAIN, it does not shut down properly, nor can the process be killed - a re-boot is required.

Sorry, but I will maintain that the 3.1x path is broken, and will remain broken. I will stick with 3.1 (Build 26616) as that is the last one that gave me no problems.

Each release seems to *cause* more problems than it fixes.

Screwing the pooch on this one guys (girls).

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Still getting duplicated torrents.


Anyone know what it could be?

Maybe a bug? ... :) Probably counting both the resume dir AND resume.dat file.

I have tried turning off resume.dir_only and resume.enable_resume_dir.

Also tried removed the resume_dir folder.

I think I even tried move my resume.dat-file as well.

It works in µTorrent 3.1.2 (build 26746) but no builds after that. =/

I guess this is what caused it: "-- 2012-02-15: Version 3.1.2 stable (build 26749)

- Fix: fixed bug where adding a torrent from cmd line could overwrite the same torrent from resume.dat"

Or it's something else that got changed in that build.

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I'm having some problems with this last version of ut 3.1.3 ......when down&uploading 10MBdown&10MBuploading the speed isn't distributed correctly......for ex if you uploading at 11MB you will down at 3-4MB even if you have a very good peering(proof below)

-second problem if you down&upload at high speed(10MB) even if you down on one hdd and upload on another and try to watch a mkv 1080p the upload drops down almost to zero. I didn't have this issue with utorrent 3.1.2 please fix this cache problem




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