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uTorrent doesn't write parts it downloaded to my disk...


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I need your help. When I download with uTorrent, it doesn't write parts it downloaded to the disk...

Yea, the right disk is connected(harddrive) and everything seems fine. uTorrent does not crash and all.


I add a new torrent. It starts to download just fine, regular speed. Suddenly the download speed drops to about 10kb/s. I check the particles-tab and notice much completed particles in the list, which means none of the completed particles is being written to my disk. I check speed-tab and choose to show writestatistics and see that my cache is.. well overloading (34MB of 32MB).

Now why isn't uTorrent writing anything to my disk?

One possibillity: Norman Anti-virus did pick up a "virus" keygen. The problems seemed to start at this point, but I'm not sure. But then I just put the keygen back(out of the anti-virus quarantine) and added the right folder to exeption-list and shut down the "on access-scanner". I know about virusses and how they work and know that the keygen is not a virus. But the problem still not solved.

I too tried to delete the torrent + torrent-data and re-add the torrent in uTorrent. But same is happening. At first download normally till cache is full, then download 10kb/s and not writing anything.

So, I hope someone can help me with my problem... I'm currently checking for registery and harddrive problems.

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