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disconnect from seeds when seeding(not entire torrent)


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ok I am a leech technically. I downloaded 50%, Don't want to waste bandwidth on things i dont need

I am a nice guy so i continue uploading the 50% i have to people that needs it 8)

I've done this a couple of times with azureus and it always disconnects from seeds, which makes sense to me

Sharing is better than not sharing

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Isn't disconnection from Seeds a good thing?

Seeders, like anyone else, have a set number of upload connections to be made. If you no longer need to download from a seeder, it seems to make sense to no longer send keep_alive to the seeder. The seeder will discard your connection. That will free up a slot for the seeder to connect with someone else who actually does need seeding.

So, having a new feature such as "Disconnect From Seeders When Finished" would be good. The term "finished" refers not to having 100% of the files (a true seeder) but having 100% of the downloadable files completed.

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