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µTorrent 3.2 stable (27568)


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For users reporting issues with µTorrent not connecting to peers on this version, we're investigating this.

The upcoming refresh today/Monday will likely not have any fixes related to this, though, as the investigation will take a few days.

Well, when will it be fixed then?

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For some reason I've encountered an odd problem with the 3.2 beta versions. If uTorrent is left running for a while, say 15min or more" it will always fail to quit properly whenever I ask it to. There's no crash, it will just keep running without a window for hours. Reverting to 3.1 has always solved it. I realise without something like an actual crash report this doesn't help much, but I thought I'd share the experience.

Edit: #261 below could be a symptom of the same thing.

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i´ve been wasting time on this version from the beginning its so bad, i dont know why utorrent would put this version out whilest it has so many issues its like sooooooooo epic bad..an example a 150 gb file every time i open utorrent it wants me to re check the gb i already downloadet it takes about a little day each day just to make it like okay


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This is "Beta" after all...and yes it does have many problems that the basic guides can't address!

Also why are the developers coding both Bitorrent and Utorrent exactly the same...

Same exact problems on both clients!

Coding both at the same time? No, they just copy the source code of µTorrent into BitTorrent.

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same problem as #266 but mine settings.dat has 110mb and I cant even open my utorrent

opent it with notepad and whole file contains 16.4k copy of same 4 lines

btw while trying to open itself it uses 1 whole core and ~700mb of ram

Why not to try open it with BEncode?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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