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µTorrent 3.2 stable (27568)


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Has the disk overloaded problem with 3.1.3 been fixed with the latest 3.2 beta? I sure hope it was.....

They do not fix it.


Upload: 11.4MB


Disk Read: 2.5GB (220X times)





About 1 year old.

I give up and using 2.0.4.

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I went back a couple of pages on this thread. And although I thought I did read something about this - I cannot seem to find it:

In the Trackers Tab. If you right mouse click - remove tracker(s). It locks up and if I try to do anything - crash. The program has tried to send the crash dump several times (I keep trying to delete a tracker that has an error status), but without success (Http error).

I have the same problem with the freezing when I try to delete a tracker or even multiple trackers.
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I downloaded the new version and it has crashed about 20 times through the 1st day. Before I went Pro, I never had problems. The only reason I went Pro is because I use it so often, and I am sorry I did it now. My downloads slow down, it crashes all the time, I can't get more than maybe 2 things to download at the same time (7 or 8 will say downloading, but only 2 will download faster than 17 Kb/s, then when 1 finishes, another speeds up), I donm't get it, I've tried everything suggested, but nothing is taking the performance back like before I paid for uTorrent Pro. Does anyone know anyuthing maybe I don't know? I need help. I used to be able to have 5 or 6 downloads running higher than 1.2 Mb/s, but now everything is in slow motion. Please some advice?

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Any what do you think this 'special forces'-support-team will do differently? ...

I think there is no sense contacting anyone *special* when you use a beta. It is intended for testing. Plus/pro users will have the exact same issues, unless they will use the latest stable.

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also i found not for the first time problem with shaper on target torrent or global shaper

my example is next: i've got 11MB/s upload so i check 5000 for global upload shpaper the resulst is can't be reached this speed maximum go to 2/3MB/s

So' date=' why can't I see any issue?...

http://thumbnails38.imagebam.com/18445/c2b50c184444643.jpg http://thumbnails19.imagebam.com/18445/1e757e184444651.jpg http://thumbnails71.imagebam.com/18445/b1952f184444637.jpg

Maybe a re-check of your settings is in order? like 'limit local peers' or 'apply limit to uTP' or such...

try with 100 loaded torrents and 30 from them active avarage download and upload speed 4MB/s

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It's not irrevocably broken. We've been paying down a lot of tech debt, and our betas are a lot less stable than 2.x betas for that reason.

I'm glad to hear it, but it's definitely worrisome to see the dev team keep pushing the buck with new features, creating new bugs, while old bugs that have been reported time and again get ignored. The more you create the harder it is to catch up to the old ones, since knowing when/how the bugs got introduced is usually an important part of resolving them. Anyway, I hope things keep getting better, I still have a lot of hopes for the client.

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seems 27026 behaves a little better establishing connections than 26837 : a few connections start as outgoing, then become incoming connections after two minutes ; running for a long time, all connections are incoming connections ; settings were not only buggy in settings.dat, but in RAM too...

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Hey, is there anything I as a user can do to this sea of "Banning peer: too many PEX messages since x" bans I get almost constantly? When I leave uTorrent on to do its thing for the night, I wake up to arrive to at least fifty instances of PEX bans having been served in the morning. Most of the bans go to uTorrent 3.1.x clients! I don't think this is how it's supposed to be.

Anyway, I scoured the forum for info on this, but the only things I saw were "Oh, we fixed this in 2.x" and "Are you using an especially low downstream cap?" -- well, I know I'm not. My downstream cap is at two megabytes (not bits) per second and the upload at 1.2MB/s.

I'm currently using µT 3.2 b27026, but this thing has been going on with all preceding builds for months. An example message:

[2012-04-20 05:22:05] [iPv6name]:61911 [uTP](torrentname): [µTorrent 3.1.2 (79.6)]: Banning peer: too many pex messages. 5 since Fri Apr 20 05:22:05 2012

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