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Magnet DHT turn off code


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Hi guys/gals i've been looking everywhere on the net for a code for magnet link to turn off dht/peer/exchange... (basically the 3 in utorrent, private)

I'll explain why..

currently i know this can be done via utorrent on the general page by unchecking a few boxes. but it's my friends around the world who not savvy enough to do this..

we all use utorrent

what i do is send a PM on a private site with this i.e..

magnet:?xt=urn:btih: (hash) (tracker)

thats the short version, but what i'm after is there a code to replace the 'highlited' one to turn off as what's mentioned... but use the our tracker on the end..

(off) (hash) (tracker)


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There is no reason to turn off DHT.

OK, i was just curious because what we post is legal content and don't want one of these 'suspect' sites who grab hash codes and post as an index to their site... so i thought by turning off the 3 it's more or less becomes private? as DHT is not needed...

Or am i on the wrong path of thinking?

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