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Seed and peers but no download and no availability


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I am downloading two files.

With one file, there is no problem.

With the other file, there seems to be a glitch. uTorrent indicates one seed (not in parentheses) and one peer (also not in parentheses). That has been the situation for over an hour. But there has been no download and the availability shown is 0.000.

What could the problem be? If there is at least one seed and one peer shown, shouldn't the file be downloading?

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I managed to resolve this problem myself, with the help of another forum member.

The problem seems to be the magnet links at Demonoid. See http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=115828

I removed the magnet link of the problem download from my uTorrent client, and used the regular torrent link instead. That link works fine - it's just that the Demonoid magnet link doesn't work, although it shows active seeders and peers.

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