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Files Integrity Checking - Not Working Anymore ???


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Hi there,

I'm using the lattest version of utorrent. In the past I've used this app to rebuild damaged files downloaded from the net by checking/comparing all the chunks against the ones shared in the file offered in the BT network. Hence the damaged/missed parts in the downloaded file were rebuilt (in earlier utorrent versions) getting @ the end, the correct file.

The problem in this lattest version is that the program is not performing the same task anymore, even performing the same steps:

1) Downloading the file directly from a file hoster (like NL, FS, UL, etc.) or by other mean

2) Renaming the file to the same name coming in the torrent

3) Letting the BT program to check the integrity of the whole file, then latter it will begings to download the missed/damaged parts.

So... the question is... do you know what do u have to change in the utorrent settings in order that the program continue doing the same "verification task" performed in the past ????

The new version just ignores that there is already a file with the same name in the location where you will download the new one. :mad:

Thanks a lot for you help! ;)

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Yes in fact got the file queued from a magnet link (the incorrect file was already stored in the HDD) I just try to overwrite the file, to force the program to perform the hashing of it then begin the comparing process of it against the one in the torrent network. The same way I have used many times in the past to correct damaged files (but those times used .torrent file).

So what's the difference of getting a file from BT network either it was queued from a magnet or from a BT link ???

Do you guys mean, those times when I'm going to I try to correct a file, but all I have is the magnet link of a correct file, I wont be able to perform this "correction" task ??? :/

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Forget it... I tried the same check with other file and this time it worked.

I'm adding the files to the utorrent queue from magnet links. Looks like what you have to do, is "to trick" utorrent to succeed on making the integrity checking.

How ??

1) Add the file from the magnet link or from the .torrent file

2) Begin to download the file

3) Stop the download

4) Perform the integrity check by choosing the option "Force Re-Check"

For some reason you can't perform the integrity checking as soon you add the file to the queue. It doesn't works like that.

Anyway thanks to all of you for your help... was doing something wrong, fortunately found the way to make it work! :D

Is it a magnet link? You might not have the torrent yet.

However this question called my attention...

What's necessary to have the .torrent file once the file is added to the utorrent queue ???

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The magnet link or hash is just that, it contains no file information, so utorrent can't check anything as it doesn't have the metadata from the torrent file.

Once uTorrent has the metadata (file size, file list, checksums etc) it can then perform the integrity check.

Which is why I said... Guessing you don't have the actual torrent file, but the magnet link file instead..


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If you already have the files from the .torrent or magnet link.

Re-downloading the .torrent or magnet link will result in uTorrent re-checking/verifying the download. (assuming 3.1.3 latest release)

You can test this by downloading a .torrent or magnet link. Letting utorrent download all the files.

Right click the torrent -> remove and delete .torrent.

Now redownload the .torrent file or the magnet link, you'll see it re-checks the download.


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