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Can't seed old downloaded torrents once removed from client

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Hi. I'm running Mac OS 10.7 (Lion). This is a new computer so I brought over all of my old files and folders, including previously downloaded torrents, and I dowloaded some new torrents recently. The new ones automatically switch over to seeding just fine when they are finished downloading.

However, when I try to seed my already downloaded torrents by re-opening them from my torrent folder, they won't seed - they start to re-download my already completed files. I'm using the directions here. The problem seems to be in the re-checking part - my client does the search but stops almost immediately, and the progress bar doesn't fill up to 100%. It's like the client doesn't even recognize the files even when they are identically named.

Edit: Never mind, I figured it out!

For anyone searching for this, I had to right-click the torrent, go to "Advanced" and then "Set Download Location." For some reason even though I thought I had already specified the location, the torrent was trying to upload out of the wrong folder. Once I set it to the right place the checking worked.

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