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uTorrent blocking/preventing iTunes from opening!


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Hey, so I need some advice >.< I just installed uTorrent about an hour ago, and about half an hour after downloading it I went to open iTunes.

I would click on the icon, nothing would happen. I figured my computer was freezing or something and just left it alone for five minutes.

Still no itunes. I opened up a task manager and saw that iTunes never opened. So I went to the actual folder for iTunes in my program files to open it and I got nothing.

I went into control panel, programs, and repaired itunes. Tried to click on the icon and nothing happened.

I went to uTorrent and clicked on the "open iTunes" option and still got nothing.

So I went to control panel (again) and decided to go to the apple website to see if maybe I just needed an update. End result was that instead of opening the iTunes website, firefox opened the uTorrent website (hence why I'm here).

I don't want to go to iTunes saying, "Hey, I just downloaded a program so I could ninja Band of BRothers off the internet, and yeah your application isn't working anymore".

I really don't want to uninstall iTunes because of how long it'll take to get all my music, photos, videos, etc. back onto it, but I'm not seeing much of a choice :/

Any advice?

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In itunes you see "devices", mine has a little arrow to maximize it, when I do it says "iPod/iPad Go to iTunes to transfer converted uTorrent media onto your devices".

I did try quitting uTorrent and opening up iTunes, that also failed :(

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