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Mini Stream UI ? on ut 3.1 ?


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in version, uTorrent 2.1 Alpha (Build 18304) there was a mini user interface when you clicked that button, and inside the files tab area, there was a icon play which was green.

after upgrading to ut 3.1 i can no longer see the mini UI and the green icon on the file list tab :(

should i return to Build 18304 ?

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There's a button that says "Toggle torrent view". It's next to the search button in the toolbar.

i was afraid you were going to say that :), i was more looking for the Minify interface in 3.1 lol, but thanks

i didn't know ut uses vlc activeX :D

is there any way of hiding the left menus ? while its playing ? :)

on my taskbar, there are two icons for utorrent, one of them i would assume is for vlc activeX window which has no title, is this a bug ? maybe it should've been set to hidden ?


sorry i found the hide side bar, lol :D

is there option for always on top ?while playing

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