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[Exe/Systray] Green/Gloss Icon


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its an ok icon, but I thought i'd offer my constructive criticism (if you don't want it, ignore it :))

- what's the curve on the left about? is it supposed to be a "-u"? because if it is, you know that its µTorrent right? not utorrent.

- i'd recommend dropping the "-t" - it squashes everything

- the smaller icons aren't easy to identify

- (person thing) I hate green icons

What you need to know about the filesize is that icon files are bitmaps - it doesn't mattter if you use all avilable space or not, a 32-bit icon file will take the same amount of space regardless of how much of it is a colour other than the transparent one. What matters is:

- the number of icons in the package

- the bit-ness

The number of icons in the package is unfortunatley pretty much strict: most people don't have any icons bigger than 48x48, so its not worth the extra filesize. 32-bit is needed for many users, too, and 16x16 is needed for the tray and titlebar.

Now, the bit-ness is the length of one block of color, and is probably going to be either 24-bit or 32-bit. The extra length makes available more colours (including transparent), but since each block is longer (from a stoarage point of view), it takes up more space. The problem with 24-bit is the lack of colours and lack of transparency: meaning you have to have a square icon :(.

Also, icon files store each stage (16x16,32x32,48x48..etc) in them, and the OS picks the one it wants to display. Unfortunatley, Windows is too dump to scale icons it doesn't have (that's coming in Vista, and has been in mac OS for ages). For the record, A 32-bit, 48x48, 32x32, 16x16 icon takes 17.1 kb.

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