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Efficient storage of torrents files on a shared network


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I've read many posts about this topic and so far, what i have understood was that it was not possible to have the torrents files stored on a network drive.

Nevertheless I am still considering that it would be an advantage to store thoses files on a network and load them on the physical harddisk of any Pc on the network opening a utorrent session. This way, if you are using more than a computer, you don't have to bother about which Pc was used to get which torrent file (you have your complete collection at one point).

So my idea was to launch Utorrent whith a batch but before starting Utorrent, to copy all the torrent files from the network to a didicated folder on the Pc on which Utorrent is to be launch.

As a consequence, if a new torrent file is downloaded from this Pc, the need is to copy the torrent file to the network where all the other are already stored (and eventually after having deleted the torrents formerly store in the dedicated folder on the physical hard disk of the Pc).

An other resulting need (if a solution of the former need is found) is to be able to delete the torrent from the network (and not on each and every Pc) when the torrent is dead....

I have tried some unsuccesful attempts whith those batch files and was just wondering if some one had the the same need as i am expressing and had succesfully solved it ?

I am not sure i have been clear in my explanations but if anybody could help.


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I have uTorrent set to download to my U: drive which is a standard windows share.

Utorrent is installed on the Windows 7 box, and the U: drive is a 2008 Server.

I find uTorrent handle concurrent disk writes better over the network share than the actual hard disk.

Works perfect, and never any issues.


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Ah. Yea, I totally misread/understood what you wrote.

I have my .torrent file stored in the same location as my actual download, that way I always have the .torrent file ready to reseed or reupload on request.

Options -> Preferences -> Location of .torrents


If I'm still not understanding, please feel free to hit me with a cluestick.


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