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Smart feed is the equivalent of RSS Downloader on µTorrent for Windows


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I've finally moved my entire network storage of my desktop / gaming computer over to a separate and dedicated file-server running FreeBSD (FreeNAS) and was hoping to move my torrent-client of my desktop computer as well over to something draining a little less power compared to my gaming system.

First of I tried to get Transmission or some other client running on my file-server as that would be the ideal way to do things, but adding things to a FreeBSD environment proved to me way more troublesome than a n00b like me is able to deal with, not to mention loads of trackers seems to be late to add support for updated versions of Transmission and other client not being µTorrent. So then I thought I could simply use my Mac Mini running OS X Mountain Lion instead since it's running 24 / 7 as our iTunes and media server anyway, so why not toss all the torrent action over there as well so my gaming machines doesn't need to run 24 / 7 like it does today.

I installed the latest version of µTorrent for Mac (2.0.2 BETA?) and it's all configured and good to go. I'm relaying strictly on RSS-feeds in order to keep my ratio on different trackers up and it's much easier using RSS feeds as torrents will not only auto-download, but they will be tossed right into the correct folders any everything without me doing anything other than configured the right filers and stuff.

The first thing to struck me with µTorrent for Mac is the fact that the interface isn't really comparable to the Windows version at all. I like the look of µTorrent for Mac better, but the advanced setup and configuration possibilities are not remotely comparable to it's Windows sibling. So when I tried to configure my RSS feed (adding the RSS itself is no problem, you grab the url, past it and give it a proper name and your good to go) but configuring the part we call "RSS Downloader" in the Windows version is not the same as configuring the "smart feed" which seems to be the equivalent of RSS downloader in the Mac version, if I'm not terribly mistaken?

Firs thing I notice is the fact that I can't select multiple quality choices? So if I want µTorrent for Mac to grab whatever comes first of a 720P, 1080i and 1080P version of a episode or film I actually have to create multiple smart feeds for the same thing?

Secondly there seems to be no way to auto-label anything? So whatever it's grabbed and downloaded through RSS by this Smart feed feature will not be labelled at all?

Last but no least, the whole smart feed thing doesn't seem to work as efficient as rss downloader in the windows version of µTorrent? For instance when the last episode of South Park came out last week I had smart feed and rss downloader running at the same time, µTorrent for Mac on my Mac Mini configured with smart feed and µTorrent for Windows 2.0.4 (sorry I can't stand the later releases) configured with rss downloader and µTorrent for Mac wouldn't start downloading the episode before hours later compared to µTorrent for Windows? Why is that?

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HI, thank you for the message.

The latest uTorrent mac version is 1.6.1 and there are some important RSS issues were fixed.

The items you download from RSS are autolabelled and you are right in assuming that you can configure the RSS by adding smart feed. There's really no way to choose several quality options at once, so we'll think on adding this functionality - thanks for mentioning! And we'll test the efficiency.

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