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Reports files missong, but they are all there


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version 2.2.1 windows 7 home premium

Have had this happen to 3 torrents now, the torrent includes a lot of mp3 files and torrents are all over 1.5gbytes

1st time this happen was when I reopened uTorrent and it reports sections missing, this happen again since, never experienced this before,

Forcing a recheck just reported the same, files missing, but the files are there, on the disc, they also play with no problem, so they are intact.

File names match up with those listed, the file sizes match with the torrent.

I guess uTorrent is reporting that a block is missing, not a file, it can be a single block, or a run of a number of blocks, maybe between 1 & 8 4mb blocks,

uTorrent is happy to reload the blocks, but why should I when its all there.

uTorrent is showing just over 92% of the selected files were loaded, where as it was 100%

I also removed the ~uTorrentPartFile_8543FA0A file from the directory and force a re-check to be recreated, but the it reported just over 90% load, i'd lost another 2%!!!

Help please


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further to this post, which got no takers, I moved a download from my laptop disk to an external drive. uTorrent reported it was 100% downloaded

Simple enough you say

The went thru advanced and set the destination of the torrent to its new place

Then I did a Force Start

And it then reported there were files missing

Did the force recheck, ended up with 95% downloaded, uh

I hadn't actually moved the files, just copied, so pointed back to that, and you guessed it, it had missing files too

But the files are there, I can doble click on them in uTorrent and they play all the way thru

Now this is a big torrent 11.4gb, I didn't download it all, just most of it

So is this a bug, the Force re-check doesn't work with BIG torrents, fine for much smaller torrents

Consecutive blocks are reported as missing sometimes, but mainly just 1 block, have added image from near the beginning

As you can see, this is not the 1st time

Maybe I should never move it once its down

I just means that I have problems seeding this now

So how does this check work, what is put into the file, is it taken from the torrent file, maybe the torrent file is corrupted?

Any thoughts



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I see a bunch of cross-file pieces that are getting changed or deleted with a VERY high likelyhood of the piece size of the torrent being the cause of the issue.

But the files are there, I can doble click on them in uTorrent and they play all the way thru

File re-tags in MP3s can and do cause this. They fail validation in uTorrent but still play.

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