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uTorrent for Mac featuring pop-up ads


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Apparently, uTorrent for Mac now features pop-up ads:


This pop-up window is associated with the uTorrent process, it's not a separate application.

The pop-up was shown on uTorrent for Mac version 1.5.14, possibly others, though that is currently unconfirmed.

The client is originally downloaded from http://www.utorrent.com and is not a maliciously edited rouge version of the application.

As discussed on #utorrent, this ad-on is not present in the Windows version of uTorrent.

Showing adverts directly breaks the uTorrent for Mac EULA, namely the following cut-out:

Downloading and Updates

µTorrent downloads only those files that are both authorized by you for download (specifically or by category or subscription), except that µTorrent automatically updates itself.

I find this incident appalling and rude on the behalf of the issuers, who ever responsible, and would hope for a quick solution.

Yours faithfully.

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[4:14:20pm] <Etheryte> DWKnight: I would like it to be that way, but apparently it just did not too long ago.

[4:15:23pm] <MasterChief> youre still posting that guys screenshot then saying its deffo a part of utorrent process

[4:15:41pm] <MasterChief> you should make your own and post whatever mac uses for a process explorer too

[4:15:45pm] <Etheryte> MasterChief: As said before, I don't have another screenshot.

[4:16:09pm] <&DWKnight> if you don't have a process trace, you can't make the claim that it's from the uTorrent process just based on a screenshot

[4:16:18pm] <MasterChief> ^

[4:16:35pm] <Etheryte> DWKnight: On Mac, you can sort windows by application.

[4:16:47pm] <Etheryte> Sorting to show only windows by uTorrent also showed that pop-up.

[4:17:04pm] * mib_zilcsx (82ff827b@P2PNET-A9A2B23C.mibbit.com) has joined #utorrent [76 people]

[4:17:12pm] <&DWKnight> no process trace == no conclusive evidence

[4:17:20pm] * mib_zilcsx (82ff827b@P2PNET-A9A2B23C.mibbit.com) has quit IRC (Quit: mib_zilcsx) [75 people]

[4:17:35pm] <&DWKnight> your screenshot just says you have something else on the system triggering popups.

[4:17:54pm] <MasterChief> its not his screenshot

[4:18:03pm] <Etheryte> Well, it's not exactly my issue if your EULA backfires and doesn't provide you with any legal backing.

[4:18:22pm] <&DWKnight> ok mr rules lawyer

[4:18:27pm] <&DWKnight> let's put one thing on the table


[4:18:48pm] <MasterChief> its not his screenshot

[4:18:57pm] <&DWKnight> the closest thing it has is uTorrent running behind it

[4:18:58pm] <MasterChief> its not his system

[4:19:01pm] <Etheryte> Caps lock is considered cruise control by OPs on this channel, apparently.

[4:19:15pm] <&DWKnight> which, on its own, could be used to frame ANY application for such behavior

[4:19:43pm] <Etheryte> As linked before, I'm not the only user with this issue

[4:20:05pm] <&DWKnight> two people with the same malware then

[4:20:45pm] <MasterChief> no, one with an inconclusive screenshot and another using that guys screenshot

[4:20:49pm] <K`Tetch> "14:39:54 «Etheryte» To display the aforementioned ads, however, they need first to be downloaded, as a sidenote on this behalf, without the users consent. Which breaks the EULA." <-- just as a side note, by installing the software, you've consented to the ads. it's implied consent

[4:21:16pm] <Etheryte> DWKnight: Feel free to highlight me once I can have contact with someone from your customer support who actually is an adult and aimed at solving issues rather than being impolite towards those who are looking to solve issues which affect your software.

[4:21:18pm] <&DWKnight> without a process trace actively linking the popup to the utorrent application process, you have no basis for your claim that uTorrent is displaying the ad

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