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uTorrent SPAM!?


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I just started uTorrent and got this pop-up window:


I get a new window everytime I restart uTorrent.



I downloaded ad-ware/spy-ware/etc. remover from Macupdate but I had nothing so my guess, uTorrent SPAM!

uTorrent 1.5.14

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3

Edit: I removed uTorrent. Will never use this software again!

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I don't appear to be the only one. I have the same setup as the OP. It was also unprofessional to chew the original reporters head off although he was trying to pull the legal card (EULA)

Whilst it may be in your right to push ads to the client (since it happens on startup, and only started happening today with no new build, I assume it's pushed to the client when it connects with router.bittorent.com. This is usually one of the first connections as far as I know.) it is questionable practice to start it without any prior notice to your end users, if this is the case.

The other alternative being its malware targeting the opening of the utorrent process which I highly doubt as I have not Installed/completed downloading anything today, or router.bittorent.com has been told by someone else to push ads out.


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No, it has nothing to do with router.bittorrent.com. That's a bootstrap node for the DHT.

The popup has been disabled. It's supposed to be an offer for the Rockmelt browser, but is currently not clearly marked as such, and just kind of shows up as a random popup ad, as you all saw.

It's being reworked to actually provide some context that this is an optional offer, but it is not malware.

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Maybe it would be useful to have an option to disable this nuisance, or some sort of HOWTO about removing this nag screen. No matter how many times uTorrent bugs me about Rockmelt I'll not install it and I'll be tempted to remove uTorrent altogether just to get rid of the pop-up (just what I did).

On Windows, during installation, we're bugged about a toolbar and icons, but only during installation. On the Mac we have to interact with that advertisement everytime we start uTorrent.

uTorrent developers should be aware that Mac users are a completely different demographics and aren't amused by nag screens or ostensive advertisement. If A Mac is a superior platform (so the fanboys, myself included, feel about it) why in heaven uTorrent for Mac offers a worse experience than the Windows version?

Nobody makes friends if one starts poking the other in the eye, even worse to grab attention for something that isn't needed or wanted, ad nauseam and without a way to opt out other than remove the program, as uTorrent currently does to Mac users,

Please, uTorrent developers, disable that frigging advertisement or offer us an option to disable it by ourselves. On Windows I use uTorrent, but I can't in good conscience endorse the Mac version. For now, for Mac, it's Transmission, sadly.

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