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Just a guess?


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Hello uTorrent Community,

I was just wondering/checking I'm currently using "Charter Communications" as my ISP and I've noticed when ever I get REALLY high download speeds on a torrent I lose connection to the internet for a brief moment then it comes back.

When ever my download speed reaches anything over 3.2MB i just lose connection. I cant access my browser and goto Google or anything. I lose connection to MSN or IRC, everything but only for a few secs.

Could this be because "Charter Communications" limits bandwidth for accounts with a high traffic volume? or is this a different reason?. Looking at "http://wiki.vuze.com/w/Bad_ISPs#United_States_of_America" I see that Charter limits bandwidth for accounts with a high traffic volume but looks like everything else is ok. Any ideas?

Thanks in advanced for taking the time to read this thread and any help you may or may not be able to provide :D.

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