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Torrents Dead/No Availability despite plenty of seeds/peers.


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First of all I apologize for a) this being my first post and B) you've probably seen this same problem a million times before.

I've checked all the FAQs and have been trying to sort this myself the past week but no luck.

Quick info beforehand;

Exception in Windows Firewall. Exception in Norton firewall. Switched it off just to be safe anyway.

Successful port-forward (I think) set up through my router; haven't seen much of a difference though.



Problem; most of the torrents will not connect whatsoever or they have no availability, despite many of them having plenty of seeds. Tried downloading a heavily seeded torrent and could only connect to 1 seed.


Larger Image.

around 300kbps is the max speed I've reached. (Anyone know why? Is it the ISP being mean to me?)

My Prefs;




What am I doing wrong? Am I just being an idiot?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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