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uTorrent 3.2 Beta build 26904 locking up.


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I've been having problems with the latest series of builds of uTorrent locking up and not responding. I get the "(Not Responding)" message in the title bar, and the spinning cursor when I slide the cursor over the window.

I have let it sit for hours before attempting to kill it and it hasn't recovered from this state. When I click the upper right "X" button and get the "not responding" dialog, and click close the program goes away, and when I restart it, the torrents that were active may end up in a strange state. (I move the torrents on completion, and sometimes the data can't be found until I manually point them at the right location, and in one case I've been left with a "Error: Can't open .torrent" message in the status field, even though the data itself was ok.

What I'm really wondering is if there's any way of capturing a crash file when this happens, or is it something that's not been reported?

I seem to have noticed that the program runs much more reliably when it's minimized to the tool tray as opposed to when I've got the window open and visible, but that could be my perception rather than reality.


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This bug is related to magnet links and how utorrent behaves during the pre-load process.

A sure-fire way to trigger this is to add multiple links at the same time.

Add them one at a time and wait for the pre-load to complete before adding the next, and it will never freeze up.

Note that this only relates to magnetic links. You can add torrents in the hundreds and never see the same problem.

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I can believe that the problem is related to magnet links, their conversion to local torrents, and the file management. I don't think it was happening during the period that I was actively adding links to download. It is possible that I had several queued up though. (My client is configured so that only 4 torrents can be active at one time, so if I want to download 8 files, at least 4 of the torrents will sit in the queue as magnets and then get downloaded according to the speed uTorrent downloads the first 4.)

I've got uTorrent configured to move the completed files and torrents to a new location on download completion, and that location is on a separate volume, so it may take some time for the movement to complete.

All of that said, and I've not seen the problem in the last couple of days. Hopefully the problem was fixed.

I think part of my reason for the initial posting was wondering if there was any crash capturing going on to help in the diagnosis. I've not noticed any apparent capturing, and wanted to make sure the problem was known.

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