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How can I transfer a large number of torrents to a different computer?


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My pc has utorrent setup on the C: drive in program files (x86)

The same drive has a partition set as D:

There are also 3 other drives: TV / Movies & TV/Movies

There are about 600 torrents pending some are half done many haven't started yet.

I have another computer id like to transfer everything over to (both are windows 7 however the second pc is 32bit not 64 like the first.

I copied the utorrent folder from C:/users/X/Appdata/Roaming/ deleted the utorrent folder in the same location on the other pc and replaced it with the one from the first.

I could manually sort through 600 torrents but it would be a huge headache is there a way to have it resume on the new pc. Also I don't have the two other drives set up in that case as it only has two sata ports.

I want it to say all the files from the other drives are unmounted and resume/start downloads on the drive I've attached. (I have set the drive to the same letter as the previous machine)

I've been stuck for a while now hope you guys can help. This data has to be stored *somewhere* right?

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