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not uploading at all....


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so i have been trying for days to upload to raise my ratio. i have read all the topics on this forum... i have tried everything that i have seen on her... i was just wanting to know if there was someone that could help me... and use plain english... it would be most appreciative. ....

i can download anything quickly, but i can barely upload anything.... there is a little triangle in the ride side that is yellow.... can someone please please please help me!!

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i now have a green triangle but when i ran the speed test it was telling me that i don't have a port open but i am able to download.... i am a semi-newbie to all of this...

in the past i was able to upload quickly but something happened and i have no idea what it is ...

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If you're concerned about you're ratio then you should get the newly submitted [popular] tv/movies as soon as they are available on the indexed sites.

Decent connection speeds will help also

Then you can seed for a good few days.

P.S= With the growing popularity of seedboxes slower connections will have to be more patient these days!

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I'm having a similar problem. I have several torrents that I just started seeding again and I can't seem to connect to any peers.

The first one is Seeds 0 (1) : Peers 0 (16)

The second is Seeds 0 (1) : Peers 0 (9)

Neither of them is uploading and haven't been for a few days now (as far as I can tell).

My upload cap is 50kB/s and and I'm not applying the limit to overhead.

I have a third that is Seeds 0 (4) : Peers 1 (9)

With me being one of the, if not the only seed(s), should the peers not ALL be connected to me?

Any help is super appreciated!

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