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Unable to Convert .wmv files to IPad using your software


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I am immediately presented with an "Error opening filters!" error message when I try to drag a 40 MB .wmv movie from my computer, into the Apply TV/iPad folder in your uTorrentPlus program. The file successfully turns into a torrent, but doesn't convert over to the IPad. It remains in the converted file folder location with the "error opening filters" message. I have successfully disabled my windows fiewall, and antivirus software. I do not have any other security software running that would prevent your program from transferring my file into the IPad. There are no indexing softwares running, i've disabled windows indexing, and disabled windows firewall. Plus, I have no viruses.

It appears your program doesn't support converting from wmv to IPad? is that correct? if so I want my money back

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