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Slow Download Speeds and Torrents Restart when uTorrent is Restarted


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I've been downloading a well-seeded torrent for a while now, but after the first ~30 MB of the file, the download speed goes down to ~9kb/s. If I try to delete and re-add the torrent at this point, uTorrent tells me it is still deleting the torrent (and thus cannot add it). Closing uTorrent then adding the torrent works, but the same problem persists; after about 30 MB, the download speed goes down to unbearably low speeds.

If I exit uTorrent (without deleting the torrents) and then reopen it, the torrent starts downloading from 0%. To add on to this, the files I'm downloading do not show up in the download location the way all the files of my past torrents have. It's like the files I'm downloading are not being saved.

I thought that the slow speed was just a problem with the torrents, but after several hours of downloading the well-seeded torrent, I began to think otherwise. I even added other well-seeded torrents, but my total download speed would not exceed ~9KB/s. However, the first 30 MB of that first torrent always manage to attain good speeds (~1.0 MB/s).

Is this a problem I can solve?

Thanks in advanced.

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