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Magnet Links - FYI


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On receiving errors when trying to download a torrent file, I tried to use their magnet. And I noticed the


1. Although uTorrent accepted the magnet link and brought up the Add Torrent dialog box, it would seem the only purpose was to allow the user to set or change from the default download location (folder in this case since the torrent has/will have multiple files. You are also able to add/remove trackers if desired.

2. Although the number torrents and the number in the downloading category is inc., you cannot see the item in the downloading category since uTorrent has yet to download the torrent file from a peer. This may be by design, but it can make the user think magnet links are not working because they cannot see it in the downloading category. Perhaps a new category such as Pending (magnet) should be created to classify magnets where the torrent file has yet to be downloaded.

3. Although I have connected to 4 peers (not to the single seeder) on one of the downloads (I loaded two different magnets), I have yet to receive the torrent file - 43 min. and counting. I must assume they are in the same boat I am - waiting for a seeder/peer to connect that has the torrent on their system.

4. I just noticed the magnet (I have yet to get the torrent file) shows up in the Seeding Category. Wow. The status says downloading 0.0% with no completionn date, but the category is Seeding.

I am using uTorrent 3.1.1 Alpha (build 26674) 32bit.

Magnets may be the wave of the future, but sometimes the future ....

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1) normal - you don't have any file info yet, so there's nothing to bring up there

2 possibly, although I'm told they're working on it.

3) unlikely. Sometimes it happens. You've got DHT enabled, yes? Then stop it, annd hit start again. Sometimes it can 'get stuck' and that gets it going.

4) again, I think thats something they're working on (this is really 2b) but it counts as seeding because you are not current downloading anything, but it's active, it just depends how you separate out the torrents, and what criteria. Some say the murderer is the first one to see the victim dead, others the last to see them alive. Likewise, by some criteria, it could be classified as 'seeding'

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I understand your no. 1. It has been posted on this site many times. I can live with this issue. And if it gets fixed someday down the road I have no problem in waiting. For me it is a low priority issue.

My no. 3 was just an observation. I do not see how one gets "stuck" while the other does not. But I can invision where a single seeder may not be uploading and new leachers are waiting to download.

I do not see how it can be classified as seeding - there is nothing to "seed" and no torrent on my computer. If it cannot be classified as Downloading because I do not have the torrent, how can it be classifed as seeding when I do not have the torrent? And if it is classifed as "seeding" then it should not have a number assigned to it as part of the Downloading category. All the torrents I have completed do not have a number in the # column. So your no. 4 does not make since to me.

Note: I tried your disable DHT, etc. and no change. All of the peers I have opened also report 0.0% which makes it more likely that of all the seeders (which there is only 1) and peers, only the seeder has the torrent and he is not actively uploading at this time - at least to me or any of the 4 other peers that want this download.

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