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blocked by Malwarebytes .. what course of action?


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i'm sure this question has been asked before .. apologies, but i can't wade through 500 messages with search word "blocked IP."

to wit -- malwarebytes' popups state that port 25641, incoming and outgoing, "potentially malicious website" blocked. typical ip's are [Albania], [Moldovia], [China].

what course of action should i follow; is it safe to perfunctorily add these ip's to mbam's 'ignore list' ?

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thats not how you'd get them though.

It's two things being confused as each other.

MWB is flagging the activity, because it's activity on a port thats not normally used. So it's flagging activity that might happen if you already had malware, and it was phoning home.

What you're talking about with the free version, is the scanner checking the files you're downloading..

To use a car analogy ,malwarebytes is alerting you than a disused track has cars on it.

utorrent plus would be checking the contents of vehicles to make sure there's no bombs on it.

Does that make sense?

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To date there hasn't been a virus embeded in a single packet (chunk or piece). Additionally the 3.X series have yet to be exploited and there are no known (published) security vulnerabilities with regard to the UDP/TCP packets that utorrent sends/receives. So there is no danger in allowing all traffic to from utorrent.

The danger lies when you execute said torrent as the content can contain malware/virus/spyware/trojans etc. And best practice would dictate you scan your completed torrents prior to doing anything with them.


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