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High CPU Usage


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I've noticed that recently (in the past couple of days) my CPU usage for uTorrent (*any* 3x version) has skyrocketed. AVG is 40-50% constantly. Not sure why this might be, but I have tried a few of the upgrades (and dropped back to 3.1 Build 26616 as I've found that to be the most stable). However the high CPU usage now persists even with 3.1 Build 26616 :(

Any ideas?



I did notice that my Read Cache was practically maxed out, but the Write Cache is fine.

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I've noticed the same thing, especially when uTorrent loads and when I click on a torrent file on a website

UPDATE: It's getting so bad that I can't use uTorrent at all. When the CPU spikes, uTorrent becomes useless for hours at a time.

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