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All torrents lost after auto-update.


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I'm using uTorrent for many years. And always trusted it.

At one unpleasant day, few weeks ago, uTorrent offered another update.

That was about new "fancy" skin and "streaming" feature. 3.1.x

Right after the update, uTorrent asked for restart. Since then, I lost all my torrents list.

I missed them... Really. There were hundreds items. Is there any chance to get them back please?

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kunda, thanks for those links!

Indeed, it is great to know how to at least preserve the list, using the resume.enable_resume_dir . Thank you for that finding!

Bu unfortunately, that doesn't restore list... I cannot re-add torrents one-by-one, there are hundreds...


found in the second thread linked:

The reason for not allowing linking old versions is that we DON'T SUPPORT THEM.

*ROFL* Oh, now we could hope the uTorrents support at least EXISTS :-))))


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