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Proxy + uploading


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I apologize if this has been answered somewhere else, but I've been searching for weeks with no clear answer.

My goal: to direct all uTorrent traffic through an SSH tunnel to a root-access remote Linux box. (I got dinged by Comcast recently for having a torrent downloaded from a private, members-only, invite-only tracker)

I have this mostly working with the exception of uploading. It seems to work, but I'm lucky if I can upload 50 megs a day. I'm not even certain that I'm really uploading anything at all since the upload speed column often shows 0.1kbps even though no peers are connected. When peers do connect, they most often just transfer nothing and go away.

The setup:

uTorrent: version 3.1.2


Protocol Encryption: Enabled (Have tried disabling with no results)

Allow incoming legacy connections


Port used for incoming connections: 1720

Type: Socks4

Proxy: localhost

Port: 23456

All Proxy checkboxes ticked except for Authentication

Advanced > bt.allow_same_ip=true

Tunnel: plink.exe version

Set up as a service with the following parameters:

-ssh -2 -R 1720:localhost:1720 -A -D 23456 -l [username] -pw [password] [server ip] -N

note: appropriate registry keys transfered from HKCU/Software/SimonTatham/PuTTY/SshHostKeys to HKEY_USERS/.DEFAULT

Router: Linksys E3000

port forwarding all traffic on ports 22, 1720, and 23456, although I'm pretty sure that 22 should be the only one needed

Remote server: CentOS 5.7, OpenSSH_5.8p2


AllowTcpForwarding yes

GatewayPorts yes

PermitTunnel yes


1. Connectivity to port 1720 on the remote server has been confirmed from multiple external locations via "telnet [server ip] 1720". When the tunnel service is stopped, the telnet command fails.

2. Checkmytorrentip.com reports the remote server IP correctly

3. Downloads work flawlessly

4. The icon in the lower-right corner of uTorrent shows "not connectable", yet when I click it and run the test, it reports, "Port is open. Your network is properly configured."

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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