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BTguard - Yay or Nay?

The Harrington

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As are many people, I am looking for a way to continue using uTorrent without any "issues" and I thought BTguard would be a good way. However, after using it for a while I am starting to think it isn't all it is cracked up to be and was wondering if maybe I did something wrong in installing it. When I first installed it I did not realize that it installs its own version of uTorrent, something I did not need so I closed out of that one and opened up the one I have been using for years. I then followed the instructions and changed all the "Connection" information.

In terms of masking my IP it does appear to be working but my speeds now are horrible. Without BTguard running I am downloading some torrents at faster than 3.0 mB/s and uploading at a decent speed. If I turn BTguard on my download speed crawls and uploads don't even work - btween 0 and 2 kB/s. If I turn BTguard off my speeds again work fine.

For example, just started to download a 2.61gb torrent. With BTguard on I am getting 124 - 140 kB/s down and next to nothing up. I also have a yellow triangle/exclmation point at times in the bottom right. I turn off BTguard and now my speed 685 kB/s down and 316 kB/s up.

Clearly I must be doing something wrong or this BTguard is not what it claims to be.

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.


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