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3.1.3 Error: Access Denied


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I have tried looking for a post for this, but I cant find any answers. Anyways heres my problem.

I'm trying to download a specific torrent that downloads just fine on other PCs, but this one keeps saying Error: Access Denied at about 2%. Im on a Windows Vista Ultimate PC. If anyone can help me, it would be much appreciated.

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1. Stop uTorrent, also exit from the tray icon

2. Move all the download file(s) to a different location on your PC

3. Move all the above file(s) back to their previous location as in step (2) (this apparently crazy step sometimes helps uTorrent correctly recognize Windows privilege)

4. Start uTorrent

5. Select the torrent, right-click, select Force Recheck

6. After the checking is complete, start the torrent

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