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uTorrent crashing upon startup, cannot do anything


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Literally, every time I start uTorrent, it freezes after checking like 2 torrents. I have no way of stopping it. It checks the torrents (begins downloading a few that it doesn't need to check) and then it freezes and I have to kill it from task manager.

This has just started happening recently. I reformatted my hdd a few weeks back but it WAS working fine until about 2 days ago.

It is definitely not my system. It's ran fine on this system before. Nonetheless:

12gb ddr3 ram

amd x4 3.2

windows 7 x64 ultimate sp1 all updates

utorrent version is 3.1.3, no newer versions available.

I find it unbelievable that months after they come out with their paid version they start to have serious issues. I've been using utorrent since like 06 and have never had any issues as bad as this and if I did, they were linked to my own problems.

From reading around this seems to be something that's been going on for a while. Something to do with magnet links? Well, with more and more sites switching, I've kinda avoided them long enough. If uTorrent doesn't fix this issue very, very soon, I'll be finding a new torrent provider.

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