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NAT - PMP nor UPnP is not enabled. But it is


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Basically I downloaded utorrent about 4 days ago, and every single time I have tried to use it, I have had problems with connectivity, each time I go to check what the problem is on the speed tester it says:

"NAT - PMP nor UPnP is not enabled. Please check your preferences."

So I checked my preferences and they are both checked, so the problem does not fall to utorrent, however after a bit of research I found out it could be due to my router (D-link DSL-2680) however after accessing it, I found that my NAT was enabled, but I couldn't find PMP or UPnP anywhere.

So after coming to a dead end there, I thought I would come here and ask if you know of any solutions?

I'm really stumped and downloading at 15 kb/s is absoloutely ridiculous.


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