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Help Needed: All of my files from my client are gone :(


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Ok, I am used of power outages (Perks of being born in my country). When the power came back, all of my torrents (seeding, downloading, stopped etc) were gone from my client's list. I am familiar with this kind of situation. Usually when this happens, my client utorrent ( build 21586) act as like I have just installed it. All setting are set to default, there are no torrents inside the client and the HELP=>SHOW STATISTICS becomes like this.


...... and I know there nothing I can do about it.

But this time, only the torrents from my client's list are gone everything else, my preferences/setting are intact and even the HELP=>SHOW STATISTICS is showing the stats like this which is as it should be...


I had over 500 torrents in my client in total. if I have to add em one by one manually, I don't think can do it as I don't even remember which ones were in the client or not. I have the 5 months old app-data folder back up of utorrent settings folder. but its of no use as that's old and most of torrents on that backup are deleted anyway by now...

Is there any way I can get back my torrents in the client? or at least most of it.?

Please help any way you can.

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My apologies but that's not what I am looking for ... I know how to do that what's described in that. I don't what torrents were in my clients and what were their location on my drives... and it will take days for me to do that.

Is there any way to fix resume file to rid all of the hassle?

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