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3.2 beta directory bugs


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Using uT 3.2 build 26986 x86 currently, but this bug exists in every public 3.2 beta.

OS: Windows 7 Pro x64.

When adding magnetic links the save-to dialog box prompts to save in the directory location of whatever was added prior. This is repeatable even if you manually point to the parent-directory.

If you add torrent files they too will point to the previous download. When corrected, new torrents will point to the corrected location.

I'll attempt to illustrate:

Two downloads, mag1 and mag2, are supposed to be stored in /dl/

When adding mag1 I manually set the download-location to /dl.

Adding mag2 will then offer a suggested location of /dl/mag1/ rather than the correct location of /dl/.

Possibly related to this, I also noticed that when using the feature "delete torrent and data" sub-directories of deleted magnetic links are left in-place but empty.

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Quick update:

I rolled back to the latest stable version, and lo and behold, 3.1.3 does NOT have this problem with download locations.

So I have to ask, what has changed with regards to the processing of paths and directories between the 3.1 and 3.2 branches?

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