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I know Peerblock isn't supported yet, so more curiosity than anything.

Why does remote work for a while with peerblock turned on and then suddenly stop working for no apparent reason?

After the error I just go to the remote settings, turn it on again and it's fine.

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Open Peerblock and THEN start the uTorrent Remote in settings.   In Peerblock, you'll see what network is trying to connect for that service... for me, it's always "Detected AP2P on Amazon EC2 cloud".    Experiment with that and right-click it in Peerblook, then "allow for 15min" or an hr, and see if it works.  If it does, make it permanent.  Worked for me.  :-)

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I have a similar problem.

When uTorrent is running but WITH NO ACTIVE TORRENTS except CheckIP.Torrent from TorrentPrivacy which is used to demonstrate that I am "invisible" (!), my PeerBlock is flooded with messages that say "Checktor Limited ....BLOCKED" 1000s of times.

Now I find that even if uTorrent IS NOT RUNNING AT ALL, if I try to start TorrentPrivacy app or visit their website - BOTH are BLOCKED and PeerBlock has many "Checktor Blocked" messages. I once enabled the ID for 15 minutes and the App started and the Webpage opened, but I am afraid to do this is I read that Checktor Limited is a "baddie". Attached file shows some details. PeerBlock forum is not very helpful on this matter.

Any ideas? would really appreciate your help.



Checktor Blocked.pdf

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