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How do I resume a torrent on a different computer?


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Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem I have.

I was downloading a multi-gig torrent on one computer. Realising that I wouldn't be able to get the entire thing before I lost access to that computer, I copied both the torrent and torrent data (folder names and structure unchanged) onto a portable hard drive.

Now I'm trying to resume the torrent on this new computer, and I can't get it running. I double-click the torrent and utorrent starts up. The Save As dialogue box pops up, allowing me to select the location where the torrent is to be saved.

So I set the location to the folder holding the data on the portable hard drive, and then click OK. I get a new alert pop-up saying: "There is not enough free disk space to save the files in the folder you selected. Do you want to continue anyway?"

The portable hard drive has 191GB free, more than enough. So what am I doing wrong?

Should I be trying to resume the torrent some other way?

EDITED TO ADD: Currently using uTorrent version 3.1.3 on the new computer. However the torrent started on the old computer was probably an older version of uTorrent (whatever the latest version was in December 2011).

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If you're using a device that uses the FAT32 filesystem (as do most flash and external HD devices I've seen), the maximum filesize is ~2GB; attempts to save larger files produce the error message you saw. You must use a device formatted to NTFS or one of the linux filesystems to get around this.

Also, be aware that FAT32 partitions over 32GB in size can suffer a data-wrapping issue (due to a bug in the FAT32 filesystem itself) which mimics a failing drive -- files will simply vanish.

(Us old farts who still use Win9x have to remember these things!)

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Thanks for your replies. :)

The portable hard drive is NTFS formatted; I switched it when I first bought the drive. Total size of the drive is 465GB, and free space is 191GB. The computer I'm connecting the drive to is using Windows XP Home. The torrent size is just under 20GB.

I have downloaded multi-gig torrents before without any problem, but never tried to resume a torrent from a different computer.

Any ideas what I can do?

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