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Resume/Settings all wiped


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Using latest 3.2 build, actually just formatted my system and whenever I do I always backup my entire uTorrent folder for back-up purposes. Done this for a few years now, but on this day... After I installed uTorrent 3.2, and then moved my folder to overwrite the new installation, when I open uTorrent, it opens as a fresh installation, as if I've never had it installed before.

So I'm not too sure if my back-up somehow got corrupted or what. Since it's just weird for it to not recognize the files and just treat it as if I've never had uTorrent installed. I know it doens't do much but I tested this with version 3.2 / 3.1.2 / 2.2.1 without any difference.

- - -

Funny thing though which is actually the reason that I formatted the system (along with a font issue) was that my uTorrent would run without actually appearing/running, so it'll display in Task Manager but not be present on-screen as I've seen a few others reporting. But that isn't my problem anymore since i've formatted and just can't get my resume/settings/dht loaded.

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