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Does utorrent try to keep all downloads at the same percentage?


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Hi guys! Let me explain this a little better =)

I find that when i download more than 1 torrent at the same time, utorrent downloads them, not at the same speed, but trying to keep them at the same percentage. E.g: after a time downloading the files, i almost ALWAYS find the download goes like this, when there is enough seeders on both trackers:

File 1 5gb 48%

File 2 2gb 47%

Is there a way to stop utorrent from downloading files like this? now for example i was downloading 2 files, #1 at ~300 and ~2 at 50 (my connection can dl up to 800 or so). when i paused #2, #1 went up to somewhere up 500-550. Is this because utorrent was trying to download them both at the same percentage? Or is this just a casualty?

i hope you can understand my idea =) thanks!

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