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more "basic" info in logger


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i would really like to see more useful information shown in logger window

here is proposed list of things that should be logged

- on startup it could show there if ipfilter.dat was loaded properly and how many filters were actually loaded

eg. [15:58:56] 47538 IP filters loaded

- torrent added

[15:58:59] Added filename.torrent

- torrent removed

[15:59:00] Removed finename.torrent

- download finished

[16:15:33] Download finished filename.torrent

- it IS showing currently warnings about piece hash check errors but there is no information in which downloaded torrent error occured. right now it is something similar to "### 2164 piece hash check error", i think something like "### 2164 piece hash check error in filename.torrent" would give user much more information

- i think all errors shown in status bar should be shown in logger too, stuff like disk overloaded ( well never happen to me so i dont know if its logged ), listen error ( whatever it is, it started to show up since i updated to 1.1.5 ), nat errors, and so on, would be easier to report problems if these things are logged, coz then people would know how often these problems occur.

would be good if all of above things are logged in basic form of logger, without turning on verbose mode since verbose mode is flooding logger completely with tons of peer traffic informations

( lol ok i just checked in 1.1.5, seem it shows now which torrent has piece hash error, but i think there is some bug about verbose mode.. seem its connected with peer traffic mode, so activating verbose more turns on logging peer traffic too.. which is drivingme crazy.. just too much stuff is logged.. logger window is flooded )

ok thats all for now

keep up good work

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