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RSS feed for top 10 Most Popular Movie Torrents


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Hi everyone,

I've been wandering around the web for some hours now and I can't find a solution for the following.

I have set up my uTorrent so it downloads every new episode as soon as it shows up on the web. (this is quite easy to do with rss feeds from ezrss.it and the build in rss downloader)

Now that I have set up my TV shows I want to somehow do the same for Movies. I want uTorrent to continuously download the top 10 most popular Movies. I am desperately searching for a rss feed that gives me the 10 most popular movie torrents. I've searched everywhere but the closest I am able to find is a list like the top 100 from piratebay. (http://rss.thepiratebay.se/207) That is not going to work since I do not care about the movies that are ranked 11-100. I do not want uTorrent to automaticaly download these.

Does any of you know where I can find a rss feed like this? Or is there maybe another way to make this setup work?

Kind regards,


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