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1-2 kb/s downloads after Windows 7 64-bit re-install


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I have been using Utorrent with default settings on my Windows 7 64-bit laptop for 3-4 months without any problems and have been downloading at 600-700 kb/s which is my max download speed, happy days.

Yesterday i re-installed my os and i have been having problems with download speeds ever since. I connect via wireless to a router which connects to the internet. I have tried all the setup guides suggested in the stickies, i.e. Running 'Setup Guide', forwarding ports, ensuring my download and upload are set to what they should be (even though i had it set to default (0) before and had no problems at all) I achieved some sort of success when i used a USB wireless adapter instead of my on board WLAN. This stopped after the download i had running finished, i couldn't achieve those speeds with any other downloads (Which were very well seeded). I'm not really sure what my next port of call is, if anyone could offer help i would be eternally grateful.


EDIT: After some troubleshooting it appears 'udp://tracker.publicbt.com:80' is unable to connect and times out. Firewall settings are correct.

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