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Dynamic IP? See here!


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It's not easy to run uTorrent WebUI if you have dynamic IP!

Here is an easy guide how to fix that:

1. Go to http://www.no-ip.com/ and Sign up.

2. Login, and go to:


Then click "Add" under "Hosts / Redirects".

3. Use this settings:

Hostname: Your URL. Whatever you want.

Host Type: DNS Host (A)

IP Address:

- Then click "Create Host".

4. Download No-IP DUC here:


- Install and configure (It's very easy)

5. Start uTorrent, and then go to your URL:


Like this: http://coca_cola85:utorrent@coca_cola85.no-ip.org:40326/gui/index.html


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I used to like DynDNS when I had a dynamic IP. It has a very feature rich official free IP update client.


[edit] BTW, you can enter your No-IP or DynDNS hostname into the "IP/Hostname to report to tracker" box in uTorrent. This ensures that the tracker is getting your correct IP address and not the IP of any proxy servers that you may be using, or that your ISP imposes on you (transparent proxies).

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No one said IE was not supported. Just IE6 and below won't be. And that's because its standards support is HORRID, and horrible hacks have to be made for it to even get close to working properly. In fact, I doubt any amount of code hacking would help it to work on IE6 (much less in prior versions).

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I'm trying this out... but not with much look!

First I had a spot of bother as I didn't fully read the README and wasn't sure what %appdata% meant, should have known better! Sigh

I can now get the webui running using (locally!)

I've registered with no-ip and got badg3rs8mywork.no-ip.org but when I try using http://badg3rs8mywork.no-ip.org:2424/gui/index.html I get no joy. (tried it with username and pass too, nothing there!) I thought it might be protowall (if you've not tried it check it out... www.bluetack.co.uk) it works like a firewall, but I've turned that off. I've setup portfowarding as described in portforwad.com for my router. But I just get the server not found.

I've got the No-IP DUC v2.2.1 running on the machine and it's been updating it accordingly, but no joy. It says that it's updated badg3rs8mywork.no-ip.info (should I be using .info, or is that just for updating?)

Anyone got any ideas how I can test this. I would love to be able to check the status of downloads remotely!

Any suggestions / help would be greatly appreciated!


The Sandman.

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So I really am a Dumb A55!

For those who aren't particularly well informed and not Router Savvy. Do not try testing this approach from the wrong side of your router as routers have protection to stop you going both ways.... I quote from a knowledgeable friend of mine....

"cos your router won't let you go out and back in you numpty

classic anti-hack feature

god some people!"

Got him to test it remotely... and guess what? It works like a charm!!!!

Hope this might be of help to someone.

Thanks for the advice.

The Sandman

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As an alternative to finding a host to re-direct your dynamic IP addresses.

If you don't have any mission critical purposes for µTorrent, then try WWIP (Watch WAN IP), it will email you when any change to your IP address occurs. Of course this isn't as ideal as the first method where any changes are irrelevant as a host will re-direct you, but for the casual user of the WebUI interface it may be useful.


It's a small exe file that runs in your system tray. You input the login/password for your router, and the status page that includes your public "WAN" ip address (i.e. The program than downloads the source for that page, and you then highlight the portion which contains your ip address. Fairly simple, right?

You can set the program to "poll" your router at regular intervals, which will check the same position on that page for an IP address, and compare it to the previous IP address found. If a change is found you can be alerted.

There's a tab to have any changes to your ip address sent to an email (you have to set up your account details first i.e. Username/Password, SMTP server), or the program can upload any change to your IP address to an FTP server.

It runs at less than 2,000 K when minimised to your system tray.

(When entering my router details I found I had to put "admin" as the username, even though I do not need to enter it when normally accessing the router config pages).

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